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Expertise and Resource Portals for University-Industry Engagement – UEDA Annual Summit 2014


University systems, state governments, and economic development organizations are developing new expertise and resource portals to foster university-industry engagement. These portals expose subject matter experts conducting research and university resources like core facilities willing to engage with industry, making experts and resources discoverable by search and easier to connect with.

Download slides from our panel at the University Economic Development Association Annual Summit 2014, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Jeff Horon: [PDF] [View on SlideShare], George Raudenbush [View on SlideShare], and David Knowles on behalf of Sharlini Sankaran [View on SlideShare] or view the embedded SlideShare presentations shared by UEDA.

Jeff Horon, Elsevier Research Intelligence (moderator):

David Knowles on behalf of Sharlini Sankaran, ReachNC:

George Raudenbush, Arizona State University: